Saturday, March 13, 2010

Schiavi, Boghossian Out... But Who's In?

Only some 7 hours from game time, I'm finally getting around to writing a bit of a preview of the match against Estudiantes. I can only blame my computer, and my second deep laying passion... yes, I've been spending just about every spare minute getting music loaded up from the massive collection of CDs that I've built up over the years. It's been two weeks, and I only just now gotten through D, going through my rock/pop selections first. Then there's the folk, jazz/big band, and classical to go.

Oh, and, of course, finding new wallpaper:
Available here, along with other choices.

But enough of what I've been up to. The reports that I've seen on Sensini's team selection for today's match are a bit confusing. Let's start with what we know for sure, shall we? Rolando Schiavi's red card in the win over Godoy Cruz will have him watching, rather than playing. Joaquín Boghossian received his fifth yellow card in the same match, and so will also be suspended from playing this one.

That's two of our most influential players missing in action. On top of that, the reports I've seen have stated that the Sensini is planning on fielding a 4-4-2 formation. Nothing really odd there, he has fielded such before, right? But what is this about Leonel Vangioni playing as a left back? There also seems to be some confusion over wither Lucas Bernardi will play or not. So here is, as best as I can figure out, the line up that Sensini is planning on fielding:

Roselli, Alayes, Insaurralde, Vangioni
Formica, Bernardi or Raúl Villalba, Barrientos, Estigarribia
Achucarro, Núñez

The substitutes bench is limited to seven players, but the one report I read listed the following eight:

Guzmán, Machuca, Quiroga, Dolci, Sánchez Prette, Sperduti, Diego Torres, and Federico Falcone.

Meanwhile, I see on Facebook that someone has written that the coach is actually not letting the media know anything about what he's really planning on doing, and thus the line up above is just speculation from the media from tidbits he's allowed them in order to keep them happy.

If that is the case all I can say is good for you, Roberto! As much as I, as a fan like knowing who is going to play, I also would prefer that the opposition had no clue as to what your planning. Keep them guessing, and they can't instruct their players on what to expect.

We'll see who plays where come game time.

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