Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adios, Collado. (May Your Stay Away From The Primera División Be A Long One)

Referees Javier Collado and Carlos Maglio may have seen their last of Argentina's Primera División. After poor performances over the weekend, Collado mishandling Racing Club's 3-1 victory over Vélez, while Maglio was in charge of Banfield's 3-1 lost to leaders Independiente (tied with Estudientes LP with 30 points,) both men have been demoted to the National B (Argentina's second division.)

Collado and Maglio weren't the only officials to be punished over the way they handled their duties. Pablo Lunati, Federico Beligoy, and Cristian Faraoni weren't sent down to the lower division, but each are facing suspensions after making poor calls in the matches they were assigned to referee.

The mistakes sited in reports were a penalty Lunati didn't call on a foul on Ariel Ortega during River Plate's match against Godoy Cruz, Beligoy not calling a penalty on a foul on Boca’s Nico Gaitan in the area during their match against Gimnasia, while Faraoni, if I understand correctly, called for a penalty when none existed against Lanús that was converted by Colón de Sante Fe's Esteban Fuertes.

All I can say is that it's about time such action were taken. Collado is nothing more than a menace, turning ordinary matches into near riot conditions with his truly arbitrary calling of matches. I honestly feel sorry for the teams that have to deal with his antics. This weekend that will be Olimpo and Unión de Sante Fe.

Lunati is another matter, as I've never seen him work a match where he didn't appear to be almost blatantly bias. As to which is better/worst between Lunati and Collado it's hard to say, but I'd go with Collado. There have been matches that he's called where he's not bothered making any calls until they had reached a level of violence where he had no choice but to blow his whitle, and at the end of all the matches he's called that I've seen there has been reasons for the loser, indeed even the winner to complain about the officiating.

The others I have either not seen, or the matches they called that I watched did not involve any controversial calls that I could make out.

With that said, I ran across the referees who WILL be working in the Primera División this weekend:

Huracán vs Independiente: Sergio Pezzota
Argentinos Jrs vs Gimnasia: Diego Abal
Racing Club vs Banfield: Jorge Baliño
Godoy Cruz vs Chacarita Jrs: Saúl Laverni
Estudiantes vs River Plate: Néstor Pittana
Atlético Tucumán vs Rosario Central: Rafael Furchi
Boca Jrs vs San Lorenzo: Gabriel Favale.
Lanús vs Arsenal de Sarandí: Juan Pablo Pompei
Newell’s Old Boys vs Colón de Sante Fe: Patricio Loustau
Vélez Sarsfield vs Tigre: Mauro Gianini

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