Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guillermo Lorente Takes To The Field

While the Clasico Rosarino was (as far as I've heard) with out any major incidents, there is one story that has come to light. After the match between Rosario Central and Newell's Old Boys had finished, as I understand it, Newell's president Guillermo Lorente was making his way out of the stadium when he and his security entourage found the usual path from the visitor's box to the dressing room was not available. In trying to find another way out of El Gigante de Arroyito found the head of the Lepra taking a walk across the playing field, forced to take the player's exit, joining his players in the away team's dressing room.

Some radio stations accused Lorente of using rude gestures in response to the taunting the Sinas still in the stands were giving him. Having seen a clip of the event in question, I saw several gestures from certain individuals in the stands, but, while Lorente did appear to place his hand to his mouth or chin a couple of times, it looks more like a nervous reflex type action, rather than one of antagonism.

The footage, and an article in Spanish can be found here.

Now, question is, just what was going on that normal path to the locker room was blocked?

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