Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Another Clasico Rosarino Draw

Here I sit, at a lose for words... and I'm supposed to be at a friend's within an hour.

The final score was 1-1, with Rosario Central's Diego Braghieri scoring first when no one bothered to cover him on a corner. Rolando Schiavi equalized for Newell's Old Boys from the penalty spot 13 minutes later, after Cristian Nuñez was taken down just inside the penalty area by Nahuel Valentini.

My biggest confusion as far as the match went was in the 34th minute, when both Central's Mario Angel Paglialunga and Newell's Lucas Bernardi were red carded on the same play. The way I saw the play, Bernardi was already sliding towards the ball when Paglialunga jumped in front in the way of his feet. If anyone can explain what happened on this double red card, I'd love to hear from you. In the 45th minute Cristian Nuñez received a red card, and I can't say I got a good look at it, either. The play was in the part of the field that was in shadows, so I'm not sure what happened, other than Newell's were down to nine men to Central's 10 at that point.

The player advantage didn't last long, as Valentini received his second yellow of the game in the 50th minute of play.

Central didn't look much better than a team that only has two wins after 15 games, and Newell's hardly looked any better. Mauricio Sperdutti had a good game, as did Schiavi, but I'd have to say that it was the play of Diego Mateo that earns the player of the match award, especially after Bernardi's expulsion.

At one point during the first half they set the fire hose loose into the crowd. There didn't appear to be any problems that I saw, nor did the announcers seem overly concerned. No knifes were found on the field, nor did anyone decide to donate their sunglasses to either goalkeeper.

So, another disappointing match. Nuñez and Bernardi will miss at least the next match, which will be next Saturday at home against Colón de Santa Fe.


Juan said...

Sinas fans have donated a cell phone to Peratta . Our goalkeeper becomes more equipped after each derby...


rosarino said...

The direct red cards were all for elbows. I think the referee could have been a little less rigoristic there, this is a clasico after all and agame played with passion. it was not a dirty match.

The penalty evened things up and I know how many are claiming Valentini the Central defender got the ball but he came in from behind on Nunez and when you do that it almost always will be called a foul. So for me the penalty was the right call.

The hose was turned on the crowd not to calm them down but to cool them down, it was a warm afternoon in Rosario.

The canallas are still in the promotion playoff zone! :)