Thursday, May 6, 2010

Corrections, Expectations, And Poking Fun At Bentral

I posted a few days ago that Sanchez Prette and Achucarro had already left the club as their loan contracts had run out. Seems that they were off, or my translation of the article I saw the news was, as Achucarro is in the expected line up for this weekend's match. Still, they will more than likely be leaving once the Clausura ends. We'll also most likely be losing Boghosian, unless his team in Uruguay can't find a buyer... and we can extend the loan. There's also the matter of the team's debt, and the sales of Formica, Insaurralde, and Vangioni are near sure things. In fact there's a report saying that a deal is close to being finalized that would send Insaurralde to Boca Jrs.

I'm not too worried about a mass exodus, as the last time I got caught up in one Newell's unloaded all their starting forwards, then went on to win the 2004 Apertura.

At any rate, here's the expected line up for Saturday's match against Gimnasia La Plata:

Sebastián Peratta
Alayes or Roselli, Rolando Schiavi, Juan Manuel Insaurralde
Mauricio Sperduti, Diego Mateo, Lucas Bernardi, Marcelo Estigarribia
Mauro Formica
Jorge Achucarro, Boghossian or Núñez

Gimnasia are firmly in the relegation playoffs, so we'll be facing a team with little to play for. Speaking of teams facing relegation, call them Canallas, Sinas, Sin Aliento, Bentral... Newell's crosstown rivals Rosario Central also look destined to have to play in the relegation playoffs. Due to this, over the past couple of weeks, Lepra have seen fit to taunt and tease their rivals. The pictures posted here are not my own, but have been widely circulated on Facebook, and I'm sure a few other places as well.

Now, while I do laugh along with all La Lepra every where at Central's fate, I do really hope that they manage to avoid relegation... so that they may once again face the playoffs again next year, and the year after that, and again, and... well, you get the idea.

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