Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sánchez Prette's Parting Shot

Christian Sánchez Prette (CFR Cluj of Romania) and Jorge Achucarro (Atlas of Mexico) have left Newell's Old Boys prior to the current season ending as their loan contracts have run out. Beyond that, Sánchez Prette has opened his mouth and complained that his last six months with Newell's were not happy ones.

Prette's major complaint is that Newell's coaching staff never discussed their plans for him before the Clausura started. He then talks about the lack of playing time he was given during the campaign, and notes that because of it his value has decreased.

With Mauro Fórmica as a fixture in the starting 11, Prette wasn't bound to get many starts, but I often wondered why he wasn't on the substitutes bench, and even wondered why he wasn't given a run after a few matches where Mauro did not play well.

All I can say is, Cristian, if you had gone quietly you would have been remembered fondly by many fans, and none would have thought badly of you. But your words will split La Lepra. Some will say you are in the right, and call for Sensini's removal, as many have when the team has lost a match they should have won. Others will merely look at what you've said and say your bitter because of the lack of playing time. Some where between those two I'm sure the truth is hiding.

I haven't seen anything coming from Achucarro, but he played well during his time with the club, and was a regular starter. He scored a total of 8 goals over 29 matches. He will be missed, though the blow of his leaving is soften with the knowledge that Diego Torres has regained his health and his form.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill has already started as to which players that Newell's actually hold full contracts with will be sold during the off season. The prime candidates are Mauro Fórmica, Leonel Vangioni, and Juan Manuel Insaurralde. The question is, how much can they get for these players, and who can they get to fill their shoes?

Certainly there will be other comings and going before the 2010 Apertura gets underway. Hopefully, with two matches remaining to the Clausura, the players will be able to concentrate on the job at hand, and the team can finish the current season on a high note.

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