Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RIP Dandreta

It's amazing how some news comes my way. This morning, I got up and checked the website I've subscribed to in order to keep track of how many hits the old blog has been getting, and found that someone had come across ALIASL by way of searching for a Rosario Central fan who committed suicide.

Juan Pablo Dandreta, age 25, has been reported to have taken his own life as he was unable to bare the fact that his team took the drop to the Primera B. I have only found one report from a non blog site to validate this story, at ESPNDeportes. There's no mention in La Capital, nor at Rosario3 that I could find.

Now Newell's Old Boys fans have spent over a month poking fun at Los Sinas during their relegation struggles, but I don't see anything but tragedy in this bit of news. Sure, I could crack a few sick jokes at Dandreta and Central's expense, but not today. Today I morn a senseless death, and my heartfelt condolences go out to his family.


Anonymous said...

Chupame la poronga, putito de mierda.

David Phillips said...

Gracias, Sina. Veo que usted es un cobarde, como Dandreta. Sina sin huevos para identificarse.

Seguirá habiendo sus palabras aquí, como divisa del honor.