Monday, May 31, 2010

Roselli Returns To Aldosivi

Nahuel Roselli was on a one year loan with Newell's Old Boys from Aldosivi de Mar del Plata (Primera B,) and the term of that loan is up. I can't blame his original team for wanting him back, as Roselli proved he was capable of playing in Argentina's top flight. His versatility was, able to play on the right side of defense and in midfield, was put to good use in his time with La Lepra.

Earlier, and forgive me if I've already posted this, Juan Manual Insaurralde has been sold to Boca Jrs. Boca's biggest problems the past season, which saw them finish 11th during the Apertura and 15th in the Clausura can be directly linked to a weakening defense. While one player certainly won't fix things, adding Insaurralde is certainly a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, at the other team from Argentina that everyone in the world knows, River Plate, who are in even worst shape than Boca, have made their interest in Lepra favorite Mauro Fórmica. El Gato certainly would help River regain some of their offensive swagger, but there's one problem... the team called "Los Millonarios" are anything but Millionaires these days. In fact, the club is just as cash strapped as Newell's is. They say their willing to give up players for Mauro, but looking at their roster I don't see anyone on their roster worth taking. (With the possible exception of Diego Buonanotte... but I'm still not convinced of his fitness after having been in a car crash between the Apertura and Clausura.)

On a more positive note, Joaquín Boghossian may be staying with Newell's for at least the up coming Apertura. He's another player that the team only has a loan deal on, with Cerro (Uruguay,) and if they can't find a European buyer for the striker, Joaquín has made it known that he'd like to stay on Newell's.

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