Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Banderazo In 2010/2011? Let's See About That...

There's been a lot of news pop up over the last couple of days, which I will get to, but first I need to put forth a certain proposition to those Lepra who might read this who live in Rosario. It's just a little thought that came into my evil brain as I was contemplating a future with no Clasico Rosarino in Newell's Old Boys foreseeable future. No Clasico means no Banderazo. Or does it?

Sure, Newell's will not be playing any crosstown rivals, but so what? There can still be a Banderazo, there just needs to be a new reason for it... say, when Rosario Central face Tiro Federal, perhaps? And to separated from a true Banderazo, maybe it can be re-named El Banderazo Por Los Ausente, a celebration in honor of those who are absent from the Primera Division.

Now, this will be my last word on this subject, unless, of course, the idea catches on. It's not like I can make it happen, but those of you living in Rosario can. Just give it a thought, will you?

Now, on to the news of the past few days...

Newell's tried to sign Godoy Cruz forward Federico Higuaín on a one year loan from Independiente. Confused? It's simple, really, Los Diablos Rojos had loaned him to the club from Mendoza, and now he's being loaned to a new team... but word is that Colón de Sante Fe have stolen him from under our noses.

Newell's coach Roberto Sensini himself had requested Higuaín be brought into the team as a replacement for departing Jorge Achucarro. Achucarro will be returning to Atlas of Mexico.

Another player from Independiente who's being chased by Newell's is a familiar face, Luciano Vella, a rightback who started his career at Newell's back in 1997. Report is that all that's needed is a signature on a contract.

As much as I will welcome Vella back, I also have to wonder... does this mean that Sensini is looking to drop the three defender system? Or can Villa play as a central defender, or, perhaps, move to the right side of midfield?

Lastly, five more suspects have been rounded up in the Roberto "Pimpi" Camino murder investigation. I haven't seen any names being mentioned, and I'm sure this won't be the end we'll hear of Camino, even if there are convictions this time around.

I'm also sure that I've missed a few stories in regards to Camino, but to be honest, I'll be happy when he's faded to nothing more than a memory.


Anonymous said...

Sina finally catched by ghosts!
Good idea for Banderazo
Perhaps we can celebrate it every "Day of the Dead "( Nov 2nd)


David Phillips said...

I thought about calling that, Juan... but decided against doing so in the same post where Pimpi's name was mentioned.

But, hey, whatever works.