Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oranje Seeing Red As Spain Lift Cup

Andrés Iniesta of Barcelona has put Spain in the record books as the 8th team to have won a World Cup, scoring the lone goal of the match in the 116th minute. Iniesta thus becomes one of the legends of the game, at the age of 26. Even with out this goal, he was destined to be one, just for his remarkable play in midfield for his country and his club team, Barcelona, will attest.

English referee Howard Webb made a bit of a mark in this match, as well, handing out five yellow cards to each team, and one red to the Netherlands. In truth, I believe that De Jong of Netherlands got off lucky rather early in the game when he put bottom of his boot to the chest of a Spaniard and was only called for a foul. That was a red card infraction if I've ever seen one.

The red card that was called was in the 100th minute of play, given to John Heitinga. I'd love to be able to comment on it, but those damn vuvuzelas had driven me off shortly before the end of regulation time. With the score level at nil nil, I was fully expecting this game to reach penalties.

While Spain may have lifted the trophy at the end of the tournament, the true winners of this World Cup could well be the manufacturer of those damned horns. As I'm cat sitting at a friend's house, and they have Fox Soccer Channel, I saw a bit of a Mexican pre-season game between Cruz Azul and America that was played in Los Angeles. I had to turn away from that because the Vuvuzelas were, if anything, louder than those in South Africa.

Please, I beg you, if you have one of these accursed devices I implore you, take it out into your backyard and give it a good burial. If you should choose to use the damn thing, I can only wish that you blow your throat out in your attempt to damage the rest of the world's hearing, just as it happened to one Yvonne Mayer.

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