Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy With A Point On The Road?

Well, it was a better match than the first game against Estudiantes, but watching Newell's settle for a 1-1 draw on the road against Lanús somehow isn't satisfying. The forwards still aren't showing any signs of creating any goals, we're still playing with a three man defense that includes a player better suited to being a wingback, and there are still way too many long balls being played from the back. I suppose I shouldn't complain too much about Cichero (the aforementioned wingback - pictured left) as he did have a much better game today.

Mauro Fórmica, mean while, had one of those games where he spent more time being fouled than looking dangerous. In total Lanús were called for twelve fouls, and I wouldn't be surprised if Mauro took half of those, and another official may have made even more calls than that. In the first half , he appeared to have drawn a penalty when he went down after being elbowed in the face. Mysteriously referee Juan Carlos Loustau didn't see it that way, and yellow carded El Gato. Just when I thought that I'd be writing about poor officiating he drew a red card on Marcos Aguirre after a vicious foul which put Lanús down a man just before half time.

Lanús took the lead in the 14th minute when former Old Boy Santiago Salcedo headed in an easy chance. One might say it was easy because he was being marked by Cichero, but, with Salcedo being the player he is, it could have been anyone covering him and it might not have made any difference.

Mauricio Sperdutti leveled the score in the 39th minute on a well struck freekick. Then, in the 54th minute he put the two teams level on players as well, as he received a red card himself. I can not say whether it was deserved, as I didn't see it. If anyone who did would care to share their view on the matter, please do.

The second half may have been better than the first, I missed most of it as the feed I was watching kept freezing up.  Not the feed's fault, mind you. I'd been playing a computer game just prior to loading up the feed, and there could be other issues on my end (which I'm checking on even now - man, it's a blessing having a netbook as a second computer.)

On a side note, it was interesting to see that the match featured a young woman working the substitute/extra time board. Can't say that it was the first time for this to happen in Argentina, but it was certainly the first time I'd ever witnessed it.

And here's the video of the goals:

I also have to note that I like what I've been seeing from young defensive midfielder Raúl Villalba. He's started two straight games now, and, while he may not be quite as good as Lucas Bernardi (out injured,) he's done well enough that I'll be sorry to see him back on the bench when Lucas does return.


Anonymous said...

the 3-man defense is a high risk.
Team still not convicent , next game will should win, no exceptions...

Nice Girl Salome ( referee assistant)

Jeremy said...

Funny, I said the same thing about the fouls on Formica. Sperdutti wasn't a straight red. He got tagged for the celebration and then picked up something stupid later for the second booking. Never should have happened.