Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Torres Makes The Move To Quilmes

Finally, the speculation can end, Diego Torres is in fact returning to Quilmes, the team where he started his career. So much for my hopes of Torres and Sensini coming to terms with each other. The move, however, is only a one year loan, so there's a chance he may yet again play for Newell's Old Boys. Who knows, maybe by next year Sensini will be gone, and we'll have a coach that can appreciate a player of Torres quality.

The question is when does Diego's contract with Newell's run out? (Sensini, if I'm not mistaken, is working with out a contract, though I could be wrong.)  Torres only managed to score 2 goals for Newell's in 28 games played, but scoring isn't what makes him a valuable player. His dribbling ability is capable of turning defenders inside out, and he is quite capable feeding a target man who knows how to pull the trigger (yes, I miss Boghossian... what Lepra in their right mind doesn't?) He also can, much like Mauro Fórmica, play both as a striker, or in midfield, though I don't recall him ever playing anywhere but up front for Newell's.

Quilmes have just returned to the top flight in Argentina, and certainly Torres will help them in their quest to stay aloft. I wish him all the success he can muster, except, of course, when El Cervecero play against La Lepra.

In other news, it's been reported that Sensini is planning on playing a 4-4-2 formation this weekend against Lanús. The latest has the team lining up:

Vella, Schiavi, Alayes, Cichero
Sperduti, Mateo, Villalba, Fórmica
Rodríguez, Taborda

That would put Fórmica out on the left wing, which, in my opinion, is about as clever as playing Cichero as a centerback. Still, there's plenty of time before the match kicks off, scheduled for Saturday, August 14th at 6:15 PM local time.

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Jeremy said...

He's got two years left on the contract. I'm not so sure that it is a done deal yet. Yesterday everyone was reporting it was a done deal but TyC. Today all the Rosario papers and TyC are saying he wants different terms or he will stay in Newell's.

He'll probably sign since he needs to feature to make the move to a bigger club. I've heard that he only wants a year deal and Quilmes wants half his pass and a three year deal. Of course then I have seen the opposite. He wants the three year deal and they want a year loan. (I think the first is more likely the case -signing a long term deal with a team that has a better than average chance of relegation doesn't make that much sense.)