Monday, August 30, 2010

A Quick Look At Our Friends In The B

With draws against San Martín (SJ) at home, Belgrano (Cba) away, and a home loss to San Martín(Tuc), Rosario Central are looking a long way from returning to the Primera División. In fact, after four weeks (they were supposed to open on the road against Almirante Brown, anyone know what happened to that match, let me know...) they're in last place in the relegation standing in the National B.

Sure, it's a bit early to declare their decent to the Torneo Argentino A (teams from Buenos Aires would go to the Primera Division B, all others to the Torneo A... see the chart below,) but it's still worth a bit of a laugh for us Lepra.
Adding to that is Central's coach Reinaldo Merlo stating that the team hasn't settled yet, that the current squad still not use to playing with each other. Sounds a lot like an excuse for his team's poor play to me.

I already miss not having a Clasico Rosarino to play, so my next thought was, well, what about Tiro Federal? Well, so far they've tied Chacarita at home, lost to Independiente Rivadavia(Mza) on the road, then lost to current leaders Boca Unidos (C) at home, followed by a draw on the road with Instituto (Cba). Along with their previous seasons in the B their average points put them in the relegation play-off zone.

Yes, it's still too early to say for sure, but it doesn't look like Newell's Old Boys with be playing a true Clasico for some time. Well, unless we count Colón de Santa Fe. We could call it the Clasico Santa Fe, but it still just doesn't have the same feel to it.

In the mean time, I'll try to keep track of the two teams from Rosario in the B, and post updates now and then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave just two comments:

1) Teams relegated from Nacional B goes to Primera B if they are directly affiliated to A.F.A. . If not, they goes to Argentino A. For example, Talleres and Belgrano ( the biggest teams of Cordoba) are not affiliated.

2) Remaining game (Sinas Vs Almirate Brown) was posponed due to Sinas team "were not properly prepared to begin Nacional B"



David Phillips said...

Thanks, Juan. My source was a displaced rosarino and fellow Lepra, and Wikipedia, which states:

"Below the Primera B Nacional the league system is divided, with a further three divisions for the Buenos Aires metropolitan Area and three regionalised tournaments covering the rest of the country."

Here's the link to the full article:

Not that Wiki is always right. With the split divisions at the lower levels someone is always going to get it mixed up.