Friday, August 27, 2010

Should Have, Could Have... Damned Referee

I'm going to keep this one short (yeah, I know, I have said that before and ended up rambling on) because I have had one of those weeks, I'm tired and worn out from work, and then watching Newell's Old Boys earn a point on the road against Huracán... I need sleep. The intent is to simple caption a few pics, and then see if I can't find a video of the goals. Let's see how I do...

I have to admit, Estadio Tomás A. Ducó is a beautiful site. Shame about all the empty seats.

Mauro Fórmica again took quite a beating out on the pitch, but still had a solid game.

Former Lepra Gastón Machín receives a yellow card for the foul on Formica that gave Newell's a penalty in the first half.

Is it just me, or did Rolando Schiavi look a bit tense as he prepared to take the penalty?

Excuse me, Luis, yes you, Luis Alvarez... you do know your supposed to call for penalties to be retaken when a defender enters the area before the man taking the shot strikes the ball, right. RIGHT? HEY, YOU (expletive deleted)!

Newell's keeper Sebastián Peratta wasn't all that busy, but for one breakdown in the defense that allowed two attackers to face him alone, resulting in Huracán's goal, he handled everything that came his way.

Mauricio Sperdutti took advantage of a miscue from Huracán's defense as they misplayed a cross from Fórmica. Final score 1-1.

And, yes, here's the video... not just of the goal's, but also Machin's foul on El Gato, and a clear view of the Huracán defender's encroachment:

(Explitive deleted) Alvarez.

What the heck, let's take one more look at the funeral parade from last week, this time from the link provided by our anonymous poster:

Ah, I feel better now!

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