Friday, August 20, 2010

Tigre Tamed Yet Again

What a difference playing Tigre at home makes. Suddenly Newell's Old Boys stop trying directionless long balls from the back (not that there weren't any... just a lot fewer than there were in the first two games,) we net two goals, and Tigre do themselves no favors having two players pick up second yellow cards to go along with their coach picking up a direct red.

Adding to the fun, Rolando Schiavi was presented with a plaque for having played in his 100th game for Newell's (last weekend against Lanús,) scores the first goal of the game, and fakes a late tackle earning a Tigre forward a yellow for diving. It's all in a day's work for El Flaco...

Speaking of fouls and cards, there were plenty of both in this one as referee Jorge Baliño made a total of 30 fouls (13 against Newell's, 17 on Tigre,) drew his yellow card 11 times (5 Newell's, 6 Tigre.) Two of Tigre's cards were second yellows, thus earning the player a red. Mauro Formica drew the first second yellow as Gonzalo Vera took an early shower 41 minutes into the game.

Shortly after that forward Sebastián Taborda made himself useful by drawing the foul that lead to Schiavi's goal. It's good to see the captain scoring again (with out having to take a penalty, that is.) Between the plague, the goal, and his wonderfully tricky defensive play he earns my man of the match vote.

That's not to say that others might not deserve a vote or two. Diego Mateo and Raúl Villalba again worked well as double 5s, and it was young Mr Villalba who drew the 2nd yellow on Cristian Trombetta. That's not something you'd expect from a defensive midfielder.

Mauro Formica played well, and continues to be the most fouled player on the team. He also was the one who spotted Luis "La Pulgitta" Rodriguez with room between two defenders to create the second and final goal of the night. (Yes, that's right, it's finally happened, one of our forwards actually managed to score. Here's the proof (along with Schiavi's goal):

Still, the most entertaining person of the night might well have been Ricardo Caruso Lombardi. The former Newell's coach has always been a colorful character, but in taking center stage tonight in his quest to have a nice little talk with Baliño after Newell's took the lead was a bit much. When he decided to continue to get in the referee's face before the second half started, well, enough was enough, and Baliño drew his red card and Caruso was done for the night.

As much as I'd like to play Tigre again next week, instead it will be off to Buenos Aires to face Huracán.

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