Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just A Few Words Before San José vs Newell's Kick Off

Why do they schedule these matches for Thursday nights?

Ah, well. I will try to see what I can of the game, but, as I have stated previously in these pages (yes, web sites do have pages... don't they?) Thursday nights has been a night where a group of my friends have been getting together for not quite thirty years. As I've been hosting for the last few years, it would be rather rude of me to ignore my guests to watch the game... if only they were futbol fans as well...

But such is life, and sometimes such things prevent me from watching Newell's play. It's happened before, and will no doubt happen again. Considering Newell's go into tonight's match against hosts San José with a 6-0 aggregate lead, I'm confident La Lepra will in fact make it through to the next round. If I was a betting man I would likely place every penny I have on it... if I could find a sap willing to bet against me at even odds.

No matter what happens, I will post my thoughts on the result tomorrow evening. Hopefully there isn't any incidents like what happened during Independiente's 4-2 home win over Defensor Sporting Tuesday night. If you haven't seen, or heard about it, a fan threw a rock and struck Defensor's keeper in the head. This caused a delay in the match as he was bleeding all over the place, and had to not only get patched up, but change kits (uniform, for those of you who don't know that term) as well.

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