Friday, October 22, 2010

San José Win, But Newell's Old Boys Advance

Considering that the match was played at 3700 meters above sea level, is there any surprise that the home team had an advantage? True is, from what I saw (I only managed to watch the second half, and only with half an eye at that) San José still weren't all that impressive. It was more a case of Newell's playing conservatively, not exerting themselves beyond playing to keep the 6-0 lead they had taken in the home leg of this Copa Sudamericana match up.

The 2-0 win for the home side certainly gave San José a bit of pride after their humiliation in Rosario, while not putting any kind of dent in La Lepra's celebration on making it through to the next round.

Really, the only down side to last night's game was yellow cards picked up by Peratta and Iván Borghello. There were two other yellows given to Newell's players, but Dolci and Velázquez haven't been key players, so no harm there, really. The only one I was was that of Velázquez. He was going for a chance at goal, but San José keeper Eloy Padilla got to the ball a split second ahead of him. The sliding midfielder ended up planting both sets of studs into the chest of the net minder, he was lucky the referee didn't pull a red, really.

For those who can bare watching the goals:

And for those who have just watched them, and need something to cheer them up, here's a little something I discovered while looking for the above clip:

Up next, it's back to Rosario to host Gimnasia De La Plata on Sunday for a Apertura match... and then the Copa Sudamericana action continues as Newell's will host the first leg of their next match up midweek against Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito of Equador. That's one long name for a team. I think I'll just call the Quito from here on...

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