Thursday, December 2, 2010

FIFA: Functionally Insane Football Association

Well, the world knows by now (or at least anyone who cares to know) that FIFA have chosen Russia to host the 2018 World Cup, while the 2022 event will be played in Qatar.

Russia, I can grudgingly accept and see some logic to. Qatar, on the other hand, is sure folly. The stadiums will have to be built, and then discarded. Simply put, if the world's fans choose to visit Qatar in 2022 they could literally out number the country's current population. The World Cup's lowest average attendance, way back in 1934, was 23,235. That is more than the population of all but four of the country's cities, and two of those, from what I have found, barely have populations over 30,000, while the largest, Doha, is just under one million.

Then there is the matter of the stadiums, yet to be built, or in need of expansion. The idea is that they will utilize solar power to air conditioning, so the heat, in theory, will not be an issue. Once they are up and the World Cup is over, what then? Certainly Qatar does not have any teams that would warrant having such large structures, do they?

Just how with this Muslim state, granted one of the more liberal of such nations, deal with a bunch of foreign futbol fans descending on their country? My mind boggles at the thought. Where will the find the bodies to work as security before, during, and after the matches?

Will they allow these fans to drink alcohol? Yes, but only in specially designated areas set aside for fans...

Are there even enough hotels in the country to bare the even the journalists who will be attending, let alone the fans? I am not even going to get into the issue of what might happen should Israel qualify...

Sure, they have twelve years to resolve all of this, but I am placing my bet now that is will be the World Cup to be remembered as the lowest attended, worst played (players going from the heat into the cool of the stadiums causing various medical problems... it takes healthy players to make a good match, after all,) barring, of course, FIFA coming to what little senses they have and moving the event to another location.

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