Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fractured Finger Be Damned, Peratta Will Play

Having suffered a fractured ring finger on his left hand, Sebastián Peratta has let the world know: pain be damned, as long as Newell's Old Boys have a chance at qualifying for the 2011 Copa Libertadores, he wants to play.

While I admire his attitude on the matter, I also have to hope that a) he can play up to his usual standard, and b) does not further injure the wounded hand. Oh, and c) Newell's do manage to qualify for the Copa so that his time playing in pain are worth while.

That said, there is one change that is being made to the line up for the match against San Lorenzo on Sunday. Luciano Vella received his fifth yellow card of the season last weekend and will serve his one game suspention. In his place, Mauricio Sperdutti will move back to the right side of midfield, while Luis Rodríguez will be rewarded for his game winning goal against Boca and will start up front next to Iván Borghello.

Here, barring any further changes, is how Newell's will line up on Sunday:

Sebastián Peratta
Agustín Alayes, Rolando Schiavi, Gabriel Cichero
Mauricio Sperdutti, Diego Mateo, Lucas Bernardi, Marcelo Estigarribia
Mauro Formica
Luis Rodríguez, Iván Borghello

And for Los Cuervos, again, barring any forced changes:

Pablo Migliore
Sebastián Luna, Cristian Tula, Jonathan Bottinelli, Diego Placente
Salvador Reynoso, Juan Manuel Torres, Aureliano Torres
Leandro Romagnoli
Juan Carlos Menseguez, Gonzalo Rovira

From what I understand, the referee for the match will be Alejandro Toia, a man I have to admit I am not familiar with.

Meanwhile, I have it on good authority (a San Lorenzo fan) that Newell's will certainly have an easy win on their hands... and based on that, I am more worried about getting a result than I would be otherwise. Sure, Newell's opponents have not been having the best Apertura, but when someone from the other side tell me that his team is bound to lose to mine?

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Victor said...

is good to know that, He´s a great goalkeeper...We need him to qualify to Copa...