Monday, December 6, 2010

Fórmica Out, Velázquez Questionable

As mentioned in my previous post Mauro Fórmica will be sitting out of the midweek match between Newell's Old Boys and Olimpio after having received his fifth yellow card of the season during the 0-0 draw against San Lorenzo yesterday. Making things even more complicated is that his logical replacement, Leandro Velázquez, is in doubt due to injury. With that being the case, I have some concern over just how much a result we can expect to get out of the game. As it is, the team has only managed one goal in their last seven matches.

Roberto Sensini is the currently the longest serving coach in the top flight in Argentina. With the possible final Copa Libertadores qualifying position hanging in the balance, could the coaching position also be at stake?

Adding to my own frustration, the match, which will be played on Wednesday, is scheduled for a 7:10 PM kick off. That will be 5:10 PM here, which means when I get out of work, at 6 PM, I will have to rush home in order to have any chance of seeing any significant portion of the second half.


Anonymous said...

We need to sell Formica! we need ca$h. Sell the gato in the us!

I miss the copa, i miss the glory of the 80s & 90s when i was a teen in Rosario



David Phillips said...

As much as I would like Formica to stay, I have to agree with you, Juan. But Sperdutti is another that can bring in some cash in the transfer market, and both could well be gone after the January window. I would love to see either or both playing in the USA, but the team can get better money for them if they can find buyers in Europe.

Lorente should worry more about balancing the team budget, and then about the results on the pitch. Then we can start rebuilding the team towards another age of glory... but through the youth teams, not with expensive transfers.