Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Galatasaray Kedi?

Word is that Mauro "El Gato" Fórmica may well be headed to Turkey. If, according to reports, Newell's Old Boys and Galatasaray can agree on just how much the young enganche (playmaker) is worth.

If this move does go through Mauro will have to deal with learning a new language, and dealing with cultural differences... but at least the country has a temperate Mediterranean climate, so the weather should not be too difficult to get used to.

New colors for El Gato?
Personally I see this as a good, if not perfect, fit for Mauro. Galatasaray is the top team in Turkey, and thus constantly qualify for either the Champion's League or EUFA Cup. The league in Turkey is no where near to being one of the the strongest in Europe, which will give El Gato every chance at breaking into the starting 11.

My only question at this point is, if this move goes through, will the Turkish announcers be calling him Mauro "Kedi" Fórmica, or will they stick with "El Gato?"


Anonymous said...

Yes, probably we call him "El Gato" because "kedi" means "cat" in Turkish and it's a more suitable nickname for goalkeepers.

David Phillips said...

I tend to agree with you, as I have more often thought of goalkeepers as cats myself. On Newell's 1974 championship team there was Armando Capurro whom I've been known to describe as "a big cat."

But, at least recently, "El Gato," which is "The Cat" in Spanish, has been a nickname given to attacking players. Different cultures do think differently on these matters.

Serra said...

Im Turkish and a very loyal supporter of Galatasaray myself :) I think the nickname "kedi" will tag along with his his very potential burst of fame in Turkey. I find it also very relevant, as Galatasarays symbol as a team is a "lion" (like all the other big teams have an animal symbol for themselves). El gato, the "cat" is perfect :)
Hope he enjoys his stay!