Monday, January 3, 2011

Sensini Still On Board

It has been almost a week sense the possible move of Newell's Old Boys playmaker Mauro Fórmica to Galatasaray broke, but no confirmation as yet. The latest report is that the two teams will try and finalize the transaction today. The Turkish club had offered 4 million Euros (that is 5.36 million in US dollars,) the counteroffer being 4.5 million (a fraction over 6 million.)

Meanwhile Rolando Schiavi has been linked to possible moves to Boca Juniors (same rumor, different transfer season) and Colo-Colo of Chile. Schiavi himself has expressed interested in Colo-Colo, as his former teammate with Boca Diego Cagna just took on the coaching job with the team. So far it does not look like Rolando is headed anywhere, as Newell's Old Boys have only acknowledged interest from Boca, a move that Schiavi has nearly laughed off every transfer season sense he came to Newell's.

On the incoming front, Newell's have been chasing Claudio Bieler, currently with Racing Club. Problem is, to get the money for this move someone has to be sold. Even then it looks like Marcelo Estigarribia may end up as part of the deal.

Still, all of this is speculation until confirmed.

The only solid piece of news I have seen sense the end of the Apertura is that Robert Sensini will be staying on as the Director Technico. There had been rumors at one point that the coach had demanded certain reinforcements in order to extend his stay with the club, but I never gave them much credence. I have been known to say a lot of things about Sensini, good and bad, my nickname for him is still "The Senseless One." But, the longer he has been with the club, the less I have had cause to use that name. The Apertura just past was difficult to get through, but that was due less to his tactics, and more to do with the lack of quality players brought in... which in turn was due to the club not having the money to attract the quality players needed for the team to continue the kind of success they had been experiencing last season.

There is a month and a half to go before the Clausura begins. By then, who knows, we may not have any players from the Apertura on the field.

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