Tuesday, January 11, 2011

He Is Going, Going... Maybe Not

Just as suddenly as it was reported this morning that Genoa had come in to scoop up Newell's Old Boys Mauro Fórmica, it now appears that deal has fallen through. Seems that Genoa came with cash in hand, but not the full fee. This in fact is what was holding up the deal with Galatasaray as well. Guillermo Lorente and company have become wary of such deals because Almería of Spain made such a deal for Hernán Bernardello, and sense then they have fallen behind in their scheduled payments. I can not say I blame them, but frankly the odds of finding a buyer in futbol today who would be willing to pay a full transfer fee up front are slime to none.

Personally I feel a bit like someone has wrapped a string around me and spun me like a top. I am sure that this madness is even worst for Mauro. As things stand there is a month to go before the start of the Clausura, and in most of the world the transfer window extends a week or two beyond that. By the time it comes to a close we may all have been spun around enough times we will not know up from down.

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