Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fabricio Fuentes Close To Returning

Fuentes returning?
Fabricio Fuentes is currently under contract with Atlas of Mexico, but, according to an interview with Radio 2 in Rosario, he is fairly certain that he can resign from the Mexican club and return to Newell's Old Boys.

The former Lepra defender, age 34, was in Rosario to discuss the move with Newell's officials. During his stay he was unable to meet with Roberto Sensini, but did meet with assistant coach Marcelo Grioni. "I spoke with Grioni and requested some more time to settle things with them (Atlas.)"

This is a similar situation that Lucas Bernardi experienced when he returned to the club. Bernardi was able to resign from French side Monaco, and thus Newell's did not have to pay a transfer fee. Sense returning to Newell's Bernardi has been playing very well. Hopefully the same will happen with Fuentes, provided he can arrange things with Atlas.

Still, I worry a bit about bring so many veteran players in their mid to late thirties onto the club. This, at least in part, what lead to the collapse of both River Plate and Boca Jrs.

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