Saturday, January 15, 2011

Third Time A Charm?

With Galatasaray and Genoa out of the picture, the latest word is that Catania (Italy) are interested in Newell's Old Boy Mauro Fórmica. Newell's played two training matches (split squads,) and Mauro did not feature in either game as it was thought that a deal could be finalized with in hours.

Well, we have all heard this before, and full me once, shame on you. Galatasaray held my breath on, but Genoa suckered me in. This time not even are giving it a full article. The mention it briefly at the end of their report on the two matches played.

Now, with that said, this will probably end up being the deal that goes through. Why? Well, the media is being cautious, Catania are the third team to be reported close to making a deal for El Gato... and, well, I will believe it when the Italian club introduces him to the press in Sicily. There is also the small matter of Catania having eleven Argentines already on their squad, and that the two teams have dealt with each other before, as Nicolás Spolli is still with the Italians. (Granted, that was a transfer from before Newell's current administration took over, but I doubt it will make much difference to their counterparts at Catania.)

Oh, and those training matches? Both we played against Unión de Mar del Plata, each team claiming a 1-0 win.

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