Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothing makes shaking off the memory of Newell's Old Boys losing their opening match of the Clausura than the knowledge that Almirante Brown visited Rosario, defeating Ben... er, Central 1-0. Jorge Broun, a goalkeeper I will grudgingly admit is usually fairly solid, misplayed a ball into the area and Vera was there to easily place the ball into the back of the net.

Thank you, Almirante Brown. You have taken an otherwise unpleasant weekend and brought some joy to this Lepra.

I did not post any video from Newell's match against Estudiantes on my original report, as I could not find any at the time. There are a couple out there now, but I refuse to post all the goals, but here is young Juan Manuel Cobelli scoring for La Lepra:

With any luck, Cobelli will score plenty more. He certainly looked more of a 9 than Claudio Bieler did last night.

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