Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guess I Should Say A Few Word...

Seven goals in two games... from a defense that not that long ago was one of the toughest in the league.

Newell's Old Boys fell to Independiente on Monday night in a match so frustrating (for us Lepra) that I had to stop watching after the third Independiente goal made it past Sebastián Peratta. The final score was four nil.

I feel so sorry for San Seba... the goals have not been his fault. It's the team in front of him that is falling apart before our very eyes. Certainly there has not been enough change on the defensive make up of the team, and really I can not point a finger at one player to blame for this collapse. Futbol is a team game, and the team is not playing well at all at the moment. It is like the players no longer know how to communicate with each other. Particularly the defense.

And that is what does not make sense. Sure, Agustín Alayes left, but Fabricio Fuentes came in to fill that gap. All the other pieces to the defensive puzzle are the same, though Gabriel Cichero has missed the past two games. Ignacio Fideleff has played in his place, and while he has made an error or two, he is still young and his mistakes were no more dramatic than any of the ones made by some of the veterans over the same time period.

Perhaps it all boils down to some problems that have crept into the team that were hinted at by veteran defender and team captain Rolando Schiavi recently. He did not get into details, but said that there were things going on within the team during the preseason that have unsettled some of the players. He also talked about certain members of the media that called on him to retire, that he no longer had the ability to play the game at the age of 38.

Again, I say it is not one player, it is the team. Schiavi is still one of the best defenders in the league, even at his advanced age. But the team, oh my team... you are playing like a group of individuals who have never met... And this I can only blame on one man, Roberto Sensini, it is time to reunite the team you are supposed to be in charge of, or stand up and take responsibility for the current state it is in.

I am not calling for you to walk away, though I know many others that no doubt are. What I am calling on you to do is to prove to us that you are not the Senseless One.

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