Sunday, March 20, 2011

When Will The Madness End?

After the 4-0 loss to Independiente last week, Newell's Old Boys coach Roberto Sensini promised there would be changes to the team for the game at home against Agentinos Jrs. Sadly, those changes did little to set the team back on course, as La Lepra again fell to defeat, this time 2-0.

After six matches Newell's have given up 13 goals, 9 of those came over the last three games. Over the full course of the Apertura Newell's only allowed 12 goals. Yes, there have been changes to the team, but not enough to cause this total disintegration in defensive play... certainly Mauro Fórmica did not add that much to the defensive make up of the team, did he?

Again, Sensini, I call on you to prove me wrong, oh Senseless One. He certainly did nothing today to do that... receiving a red card by delaying the start of the match when he failed to have his team on the field on time.

The fact that Argentinos coach Pedro Troglio managed to receive the same carding before the start of the second half does nothing towards forgiving Sensini.

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