Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Late Game Magic As Tigre Beat Newell's

Luciano Vella. I hate pointing out a single player as the cause for a Newell's Old Boys loss, but, after having watched the replay of the lone goal from the game against Tigre over and over again, the misjudgment by Vella on the incoming cross was so poor that I have to wonder why he was not taken off at the half. Instead it was Gabriel Cíchero who exited from the defensive line as young forward Juan Manuel Cobelli made his third appearance for La Lepra.

Really, I could also blame Rolando Schiavi, who left Denis Stracqualursi alone in the middle of the penalty area in attempt to cover for the fallen Vella, but Schiavi did what he was supposed to do under the circumstances.

I only saw the second half... love these Monday night games. Do they not realize I have to work? What I did see, Newell's did looked good, really, except when it came down to getting their shots on target. That problem should be solved, or at least improved, once Vangioni and the last reinforcement, Paraguayan playmaker Néstor Camacho, are healthy enough to take the field.

The only decent video I could find of the goal combines both games from yesterday, starting with Huracán draw against Arsenal. Enjoy, well... if you can.

Up next Huracán visits Estadio Marcelo Bielsa on Saturday at 7:10 PM local time.

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