Monday, April 18, 2011

“Everything what I know I learned it of Bielsa”

Javier Torrente made that statement after being announced as the new Technical Director (read: coach) at Newell's Old Boys. Learning from El Loco Marcelo Bielsa is one thing, using it to turn around the Clausura for La Lepra may well be far more difficult than any lesson Torrente had to learn from the master tactician.

I've found little on Torrente in my search, but can say that he worked as an assistant to Bielsa from 1996 through 2004, including a six year period at the end of that stretch when Bielsa was in charge of the Argentine National team. Sense then Newell's new coach spent time in charge with three teams, Cerro Porteño (Paraguay,) Coronel Bolognesi (Peru,) Libertad (Paraguay,) and then again at Cerro.

We will be able to judge how well he learned his lessons soon enough. I do not expect much at this stage, to be honest. To turn around a team that has plummeted from title contenders to last place in the league will not be easy. I do not expect miracles.

Still, dare I hope that the apprentice prove greater than the master? Only time will tell.

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JUAN said...

Good Luck Javier. We need you. All the best for us