Saturday, April 23, 2011

Improved Play, But Newell's Still Lose

What can I say? Is it disappointing that Newell's Old Boys lost yet again, this time in the debut of new coach Javier Torrente? Sure it is. But there were signs that there is yet hope for the team that has only managed five points from eleven games. First off, they were playing a better team, Banfield, and held their own. The fact that the final score was only 1-0 alone says that they played far better than they had during any other game during the Clausura. Torrente had the team start out in a 4-3-3 formation, and, oddly enough, the midfield did a far better job getting to 50/50 balls than they have in some time... as both Vella and Cichero, as well as all three forwards, helped to support Dolci, Mateo, and Bernardi in midfield.

Here's Newell's full starting lineup:
Sebastián Peratta
Luciano Vella, Rolando Schiavi, Cristian Lema, Gabriel Cichero
Franco Dolci, Diego Mateo, Lucas Bernardi
Mauricio Sperduti, Claudio Bieler, Néstor Camacho

Torrente had the team playing more quick one, two touch passing. They kept the ball moving, which, once they get used to playing like that, will create more scoring chances. There were a few passes that went astray today, but the communication between the players seemed much improved, and that has been the biggest problem of late.

While I will not argue against Banfield deserving the win, I would say that Newell's really did not deserve to lose. Really, I'd break down the reason they did not get a better result to the fact that there were a few calls that did not go there way (this sort of thing happens, but twice, when Newell's were called for offsides the linesman was grinning as if laughing at some inside joke... one of which disallowed a goal,) and that the team played with out a real 9. Without a strong penalty area presence, the goal scoring chances just were not there. Sorry. Claudio Bieler... your a fine forward, but a 9 you will never make.

Sadly, the Newell's has such a player, but I have yet to hear any further updates on their attempt to get young Juan Manuel Cobelli signed to his full professional contract. Until he does, I suspect he will remain with the reserves. And the longer that goes on, the more I suspect that he will be with a different club as soon as the next transfer window opens.

The loan goal was scored by Jorge Achucarro, who only a year ago had been playing for Newell'sEven though he scored against La Lepra, many of the local fans applauded him when he was left the field in the 84th minute.

Up next Newell's are on the road to face Gimnasia in La Plata.

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