Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Newell's Still In Search Of A 9?

Newell's Old Boys loss 1-0 at home to Boca Jrs on Sunday was a clear indication of one thing: you can not win matches simply by creating chances. You have to put them on net, and, eventually, you have to slip one or two past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net.

Both teams had the same number of shots taken with nine apiece. Problem is Newell's only managed to put 2 of their shots on target to compare with the 8 from Boca. Simply put, if not for the heroics of one San Peratta, this game could well have been a rout.

But that is not the only story here. One of the things Newell's do not have is a striker of any size... so why are we lobbing crosses into the box when the only player who have that has shown he can be dangerous with his head is defender Nacho Fideleff? The only time he gets up front is on corners and free kicks.

There were two players who did have chances with headers for La Lepra that I took note of. But neither Sperduti nor Vangioni have ever impressed me with their skill with balls in the air, though both are apt at delivering the kind of crosses to which someone who is able to use their heads to score might latch on to.

So, just like last year we are in search of a player to step up and score goals. Just like last years we are playing pretty much the same style. (The only real difference I have noticed is Peratta using a throw to a defender to get the ball up field rather than blasting it all the time.) It is funny... I thought we had changed coaches?

The only things I have seen from Javier Torrente since he took charge that are much different is Peratta throwing the ball, and that he is far more vocal from the bench. These are both good things. Problem is that offensively Torrente is short on quality in key spots on the field, and has failed to find a system to play to the strength of the team.

Ah well. Could be another long season.

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