Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So Close So Many Times...

Any point gained from a game away from home is a point well earned. In Newell's Old Boys 1-1 draw against Argentinos Jrs the luck, from what I saw, was all with the home side.

Their goal came in the 29th minute off a misfortune that befell Newell's keeper Sebastián Peratta and defender Diego Mateo. J.J. Morales did get his low header on net, but Peratta was there to make the save, but could only block it. The rebound struck Mateo, who had no time to react, and the ball then ended up in the back of the net. Mauricio Sperduti evened things up in the 41st minute off a fine feed after some fine work by Víctor Figueroa and Leonel Vangioni.

In the second half Newell's had a number of close chances, and Ricardo Noir had a goal called off for offsides (which he was, by a considerable margin,) but ultimately both teams had to settle for a draw.

Up next La Lepra will be hosting Boca Juniors. Question is, which Boca will show up? The team that only managed a 0-0 draw against Olimpo de Bahía Blanca, or the team that exploded for four goals against Unión de Santa Fe?

Oh, and a side note. I also got to see the last bit of River Plate's 1-0 win over Chacarita Jrs. Only reason I bring this up is that Juan Manuel Cobelli came on as a late substitute for Chaca, and, not unexpectedly, looked very dangerous every time his team mates found him open in River's penalty area. So why was he not in the starting eleven? And how did he end up with a team in the National B rather than Europe as his agent/brother Sebastián said he would?

Anyone know?

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Rojinegro said...

Maybe because his tongue is faster than his leg muscles ?