Sunday, September 4, 2011

What A Lousy Weekend

First off, Newell's Old Boys hosted Colón de Santa Fe on Friday afternoon, which means I say not a second of this match as I was stuck at work. Because of that I have nothing I can say about the 0-0 draw.

I can say that it was not pleasant discovering that one of the tires on my car had a slow leak. Woke up Saturday morning to find it completely flat. I filled it up as best I could with my hand pump, and got it in and plug. No big deal, but not the way I imagined spending my Saturday morning.

The rest of the day went alright, until 9 PM, which is when a rather nasty storm came through, knocking down branches, and leaving us with out power... which won't be restored, by all estimates, until some time Monday evening. Even better was the fact that one of the branches that was down was blocking our garage door.

My crazy roommate / landlord took it upon himself to cut down the branch that was blocking the garage door (did I mention it was resting on a POWER LINE?) and once that was done I helped him clear it away from the door.

So, now I'm at a friend's house, who didn't lose power. I was already scheduled to be here to watch their dogs overnight as they are headed out of town to visit relatives.

With luck I've seen the last of the excitement for this weekend.

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