Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Newell's Fan Shot - Dies At Hospital

The effects of Newell's Old Boys match against Unión de Santa Fe. Lepra are still celebrating being in first place, and we are all now dreaming of taking the title. Well, all but one Sergio Víctor Fernández, a Newell's fan who was shot outside the stadium on his way to catch a bus by a Unión fan. He later died at the hospital. I first learn of this from Fox News Latino.

Watching the video below I also see that some of the Unión "fans" took to trying to destroy parts of stands towards the end of the match. While many teams in Argentina have made efforts to eliminate the violence in the stadiums, others are still marred with administrations that not only let the Barras Bravas have their way, but often hire them for stadium security.

Thank you to Eve Zuttión for posting the following video on Facebook: Newell's president Guillermo Lorente has met with Marcos Escajadillo, who is heading up the investigation into the murder of Fernandez as well as the vandalism inside the stadium. What will come out of that investigation I will not venture to guess. I will be amazed if I end up seeing that bit of news when it hits.

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