Monday, July 30, 2012

Four Years Of Transformation

Found the following video bouncing around Twitter this morning.  It is a good reminder of what Newell's Old Boys were left with after the years of abuse at the hands of Eduardo Lopez and his lot, and just how much work it took for Guillermo Lorente and his administration to set things right... something that, financially, is an on going mission. New elections are scheduled for December. New candidates are out there. The team has not always been the best, Lorente and those under him have made a few mistakes along the way. But that is how you learn. Hopefully the coming presidential campaigns will not detract form what happens on the field, but how well the team does could well effect the elections. The team must do well this coming season, as they begin the year buried in the fight against relegation. Certainly with Gerardo Martino as coach, and the return of Maxi Rodriguez a glorious season is possible. But only time will tell. Mr. Lorente, your presidency hangs in the balance.

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