Wednesday, September 5, 2012

City Of Heroes... 3 Argentine Inspired Heroes

I know, I know... this blog is supposed to be about futbol, Newell's Old Boys to be specific, but when it was announced that the massively multiplayer online game (MMO for short) City of Heroes was being closed down by publisher NCSoft I made a decision to not just sit down and let it go. I have only been playing the game for about a year and a half, and have enjoyed every minute of it. In my previous post, which did mostly involve Newell's come from behind victory over Estudiantes, I promised to post one of my characters every day... so much for my ability to keep promises.

To make up for the days I have missed, here are three characters:

 Libertador. Shield bearing leader, and highly skilled hand to hand fighter. Carries a shield, hand to hand fighter... hmmmm... sounds like Captain America. I have seen many people do up near to almost exact copies of Captain America in City of Heroes. I went with different coloring, light blue and white... no mistaking where this hero comes from. I also added a cigar just to give him more of an edgy feel.

Next we have Acero Guerrero: Translated that becomes Steel Warrior, and yes, this is my attempt to do an Argentine version of Iron Man. For what ever reasons I chose red and blue for the color scheme of his armor. Perhaps he is a fan of San Lorenzo?
Lastly we have Avispa Asesina: Apparently we have a theme here, if I am not mistaken. First a character that is comparable to Captain America, and then Iron Man, both members of the Marvel super hero group The Mighty Avengers. Avispa Asesina... translation: Assassin Wasp. Yes, Avispa is based on the Avenger known simply as Wasp. Difference here is I did her up as a villain, not a hero, and instead no shooting energy blasts Avispa fights with a Rapier and Main Gauche.

OK, again, I know... nothing to do with futbol, and nothing to do with Newell's. But I hope you can forgive me this indulgence of posting my characters from a game that will soon I will not be able to play.

Unless there is some last minute real life heroics...

With that in mind:
Petition to save City Of Heroes

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