Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last Minute Heroics

OK, I did not post last week when Newell's Old Boys were held to a 0-0 draw on the road by Belgrano in Cordoba. I saw most of the game, but did not come away with anything I felt I could really say about it, good or bad. Yesterday in Rosario it was looking like we were headed towards another 0-0 draw, this time against Estudiantes. After ninety minutes no one had scored. A full five minutes of added time was signaled for, and it took almost all of that when a poor clearance was taken by Maxi Urruti who fought for control of the ball before slotting a neat little pass just behind Ignacio Scocco, who spun around and took a one touch shot that beat Estudiantes keeper Justo Villar (yes, he once played for Newell's) and found the far side of the goal to give La Lepra their third win of the Torneo Inicial.

The win placed Newell's on top of the standings alone... though later in the day Arsenal de Sarandí beat Lanús by the same 1-0 score to draw level with Newell's at 11 points. Time at the top will likely be short, as Colón de Santa Fe (10 points) and Boca Juniors (9 points) will be playing later today.

Now, a few words about why I have not been posting as much as I used to. There are several factors. Certainly the year and a half of miserable play the team recently had an effect. It is sometimes hard to write about something you love when they are going through bad times. Then there is my health, which has not been the best over the past couple of years.

Also to blame is the fact that I do enjoy playing computer games. I have written about City of Heroes before. It is a game where you get to play Super Heroes or Villains of your own design in an online world where you can team up with other players. I have been playing it for around two years now and enjoyed every minute of it, and really just started to team up with others.

This weekend the company that runs the City of Heroes has announced their intent to close down the game by the end of the year. This news does not make me happy, but I will keep playing until they close it down. I have also started taking screen shots of my characters, and will be sharing them here.

With that in mind, here is the first two:

Meet Cherry Rebel, a Super Villain I had come up with some time ago, but just recently started to really enjoy playing. She is evil to the core, and does not make friends, merely uses people as she will just long enough to get what she wants.

Her origin is magical, she is a Scrapper with Electric Melee and Electric Armor... all of which will only make sense to those who played the game. I customized her powers to match her outfit, so while her powers in the game were electrical based, I imaged them being a dark mystical energy.

Posted previously, Leproso is a character who needs little explanation to those that know about Newell's Old Boys. He is another Scrapper, but his origin is Science... basically he was a leper who was cured by a new drug. The cure also gave him super powers. He is a Martial Artist with Invulnerability.

Yes, a lot of my characters wear a lot of red and black. if you ask why you are here because of my writing about City of Heroes and not Newell's Old Boys. I have no problems with that.

I will be trying to post City of Heroes picture a day, until I run out. I am hoping that my Lepra readers will not mind... I am hoping that this helps me get over the fact that once they close down the game, I will never be able to play it again. (Though there is the small hope that this is a hoax, or that some other company will come in and buy the game to keep it going.)

A lot of people are flooding City of Heroes Forums with protest, pleading with the company to change their minds. I have seen a lot of people in the game just standing around holding protest signs (yes, that option is available in the game) or just ranting on the chat channels. Every now and again some one signs in that has not heard the news.

I shall continue playing till the end.

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