Saturday, September 8, 2012

City Of Heroes Rally

Atlas Park, 10 AM on the Virtue server
Today, Saturday, September the 8th 2012 there was an in game rally at 5PM EST on the Virtue server. I signed in this morning, and people were already gathering, while a few of us (myself included) were there to actually play the game and earn some experience points. There got to be a bit of a discussion about how the attending should be spending some time actually playing the game rather than picketing 24/7, posting their messages into the broadcast channel rather than local, etc. At one point one of the games developers, Zwillinger, (Community Manager at Paragon Studios - the company that works on the development of the game) signed into the game and suggested, via the Admin channel, that those there for the rally early should perhaps spend sometime actually go out and, well, fight crime for a bit.

In each area of the game there is a maximum of number players, so when one extra person walks into the door a new instance of the location comes into existence. This morning Atlas Park was up to 4 when I signed out. With a about half an hour before the scheduled start of the official protest, and we were up to 23. At the height of the rally we were up to 33 instances of Atlas Park, and over 300 people trying to get into the Virtue server on a waiting list.

Aqua Medic
I was signed into Virtue as Aqua Medic, a character I came up with because I did not have any suitable characters on the Virtue server. He is an exile from the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, and is really not happy with the thought of losing his new home. He is a Empathy/Water Blaster. Empathy is healing powers, which is good for teaming. In the two days of playing the character I have joined up with others on missions that have taken the character from 1st level up to 10th in, for me, record time.

More later.

Vitrue - Atlas Park #22 - Aqua Medic just in the picture on the right

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Bladesnow said...

Thank you much for your coverage. We are heroes. This is what we do.