Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Double Dose Of Humiliation

Sense the International break when Argentina lost to Chile 1-0, Newell's has out played their opponents in three games, yet only have three point to show for it. Yes, yet again all La Lepra could manage was a tie today, this time 1-1 against hapless River Plate.

I had no chance to see this game, as it was over before I got home from work today. Browsing around I see that La Capital (a local Rosario newspaper) called the game 'careless,' and blamed Newell's player's being nervousness from playing in front of Los Millonarios in the stands. While it's true that River have only lost once at home, 2-1 against Velez Sarsfield, I'm certain that if Gamboa's boys would have played at the top of their game this match would have been more than winnable... and that makes 3 such games in a row.

Of course, even more upset over this result than Newell's fans would be those of River. This makes 10 games in a row for them with out a single win. In fact the only win they've had this season was in the second week against the team that up until today they had shared last place with, Rosario Central. But Los Canallas managed to win today, 3-0 over Gimnasia Jujuy.

With a fan base that is used to, and expects their precious River to challenge for the title every championship this must be infuriating... last place, all alone. And so, for fans of both teams, this wasn't a tie that was like kissing your sister, this was a result tantamount to bowing down and kissing your ugly sister's feet.

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