Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Matter What, This Is THE Match Of The Apertura

Rosario Central have escaped from their last place tie with River Plate, Newell's have gone 3 games with out a win, thus is the stage set. Suddenly their respective places in the standings don't matter. This is the Clasico Rosarino, and as anxious as I am for Newell's to get 3 points from the match, I'm also praying that the game can go on with out the antics of Clasicos past. Let the Barras behave for once, it's only a game, give the referee the wisdom and the vision to call the match fairly, it's only a game.

It's only a game, yet whenever I see anyone wearing the yellow and blue that make up the colors of Los Canallas I find myself having to check my temper. I do this because I live in a land that does not know of this rivalry. Here in Michigan those colors are called maize and blue, and are the colors of the University of Michigan. Here few other than myself follow a team that wear the red and black/rojo y negro of Newell's, so I acknowledge the flash of hot bloodedness, and let it pass.

From the following stats on the Clasico can be found:

As they are only set through January 2008, we can add in Newell's 1-0 win from the Clausura earlier in the year.

What will happen tomorrow, only tomorrow will tell. Till then I'll be trying to not bite my nails.

Lineup for both teams according to La Capital:

Peratta; Aguilar, Schiavi, Insaurralde, Ré; Machín, Bernardello, Vangioni; Leanrdo Torres; Diego Torres, Fabbiani.

Broun; Danelón , Ribonetto, Braghieri, Jorge Núñez or Martin García or Ignacio Bogino; Zarif, Paglialunga, Jesús Méndez, Kily González; Vizcarra, Zelaya or Franzoia.

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