Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just Another Draw

I tried watching the game between Newell's and Estudiantes, but with feed having to buffer nearly every 30 seconds I can't say I got even a half way decent idea as to the flow of the game. That was nearly as frustrating as the final score, 1-1. I can't imagine that Gamboa (pictured on the left making his way to the bench before the game) was very happy with the result, either.

Bernardello ended up playing. Either my source had the number of yellow cards summed up wrong, or he recieved special permission to play. With that being the case, the game being at home, and Verón being given a rest after Estudiantes played in the Copa Sudamericana mid-week this should have been an easier game than it was.

Leandro Desábato opened the scoring in the 58th minute for Estudiantes, with Fabbiani answering 3 minutes later. Looking at stats other than goals, Los Leprosos did the job. They out shot their opponents 16-3. with the edge of shots that were on target 8-2. They had 10 corner kicks compared to Los Pincharratas 2. But the only thing that counts in the end are goals.

After the game Fabbiani was interviewed, and they tried to get him to comment on the up coming Classico Rosarino. He rebuffed the interviewer stating that the team needs to concentrate on the game against River Plate on Wednesday before worrying about Central next weekend. That's a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with. If his play hadn't won me over already, this interview certainly would have.

Tigre, meanwhile, showed that they know how to score goals, beating Huracan on the road 3-0. For now the standings have San Lorenzo in front with 25 pts from 10 games. next is Tigre with 23 from 11 games, and Newell's with 19/11.

Boca Jrs, currently on 17 points, have a real chance of leaping back up to third as they host Rosario Central tomorrow. So, for tomorrow, I'll be hoping for Los Canallas to gain points at La Bombonera.

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Jeremy said...

I had basically the same feed problems and I tried about a dozen. They would start decent and then crap out.

They played way better than last week and really deserved the win. Esudiantes really won a point here. Newell's dropped two.

But the thing to take forward is the level of play improving drastically heading into the tie with River, I think.