Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Quick Change Of Fortunes

After losing to Boca Jrs 4-2 at home, I wasn't sure what to expect from Newell's as they visited Argentinos Jrs on Sunday. Argentinos have not been doing well this season, with only one win in seven games prior to Sunday's game, but are always tough at home. Add to that the fact that last season Newell's had a tendency to play well against better teams, only to fade against weaker opposition, the Boca loss coming in the last 5 minutes of the game could well have sapped the confidience from the team. I give all credit to coach Gamboa for not allowing any of these factors to have the effect that I feared could have occured.

The game was played in a stadium named Diego Armando Maradona, Argentinos home (Maradona seldom, if ever, acknowledges the fact that Argentinos are the team that gave him his start,) but it was the team Diego last played for who came to play. The score remained scoreless until the 42nd minute when Fabbiani took a low bouncing cross from Diego Torres, and converted from around 3 yards from the goal line. There were three Argentinos defender around him, but none did much to stop the pass, and all seemed happy to let him take the shot, much to keeper Torrico's dismay.

Down 1-0, Argentinos still had every chance to get back in the game... but then Grazzini scored from a deflection of a freekick taken by Schiavi in the 76th minute, and the floodgates opened.

In the 79th Newell's earned a penalty when Ferreya was taken down as he came into the penalty area from the right wing. The footage I've seen isn't clear, it could well have been a foul just outside the area, but not in the referree's judgement. Schiavi placed his shot almost straight down the center of the net, Torrico dove to his left and paid the price - 3-0 Newell's.

Then came the goal of the game. In the 88th minute, Perez found Bernardello as he made an angled run from the center of the field into the penalty area to the right side. Bernardello's bullet was past the Torrico and into the far side of the goal before the outstretched keeper landed empty handed on the ground.

All four goals can be viewed below. Once again, all thanks given to those on YouTube who's post give me a glimpse of Newell's and many other teams in action.

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