Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Win For A Tie For Second

Tonight Newell's defeated Tigre 2-0, a win that lofted Newell's into a second place tie with the very team they played. I once again watched the game over the internet, and, yes, still squinting to watch the action on a small video. It actually was easier to watch than the game against Boca as the feed didn't have to buffer as often, which I can only attribute to the fact that Tigre are not as well followed.

That is not to say that Tigre were an easy opponent, they have been playing well this season, and last year, their first after having been promoted, was solid, if not spectacular, earning 56 points over 38 games (in Argentina the season is split into two championships, 19 games each.) But tonight Newell's were on fire, out shooting them 13-2. Tigre managed to put both of their shots on target, both very dangerous counterattacks that Peratta managed to stop thanks both to good positioning sense and reflexes to match.

The goals were scored by Diego Torres in the 27th minute, and Vangioni in the 44th. While all the scoring occured in the first half, Newell's continued to press Tigre's defense through out the second, and if not for some solid keeping by Islas the margin of victory could well have been greater.

The outstanding players for Newell's were Schiavi, who continues to be dangerous in attack while making runs from his defensive position, both Diego and Leo Torres, as well as Bernardello. I will, of course, have video of the goals from this game, provided YouTube doesn't fail me.

San Lorenzo lead the standings with 22 pts in 9 games having beaten Velez Sarsfield 1-0 earlier in the day. Tigre and Newell's follow with 17. Boca Jrs could make it a three way tie for second tomorrow when they face Estudiantes LP.

While Boca should make easy work of Estudiantes, who have only 8 pts from the 8 games they've played, I'd hesitate to place any bets on that game. Boca have not been on the best of runs of late, having only won one game in their last five. On top of that they only managed a 1-1 tie this past Thursday with LDU Quito, the reigning Libertadores champions, in a Copa Sudamerica match up.

On a side note, Quito have Damián Manso on their roster and he played in the game against Boca. Manso is a former Newell's player, having started his career with them in 1996.


Lei said...

I'm very happy of how we are playing every game. It's been a long time since I have seen Newell's like this. :D

Boca lost and River tied, I'm happy for that too!

lei said...

Do you have direct tv? If you do you can order TyC Sports. You probably know already, but they give mostly all the matches. Well sometimes I have to watch it over the internet, either because Boca or River is playing at the same time as we are.

Great Info, keep them coming!!!

Jeremy said...


Nice to see another leper up here in the US. I have done a ton of searching, but your's is the only other English language blog on Newell's I have seen.

Now that Boca lost, we are technically in sole possession of second place on goal differential.

Get used to the internet feeds, unless you have direct tv, which I don't. But it is better than nothing. On the rare occasion they have a game on Fox.

enganche said...

Nice blog and keep up the good work. I am an Independiente fan but I know about David's blog from another forum where we both post.

What I enjoy is how Gamboa has turned Newell's around from a team which relied on long balls forward to players like Cardozo or Salcedo to their present passing style which makes good use of the entire field. They have once more become a pleasing team to watch.

David said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. Right now I don't even get FSC, so I'm stuck with the internet feeds.

Still, better than a couple of years ago when all I got was internet radio broadcasts... with my Spanish being so rusty, and only on a 6th grade level at it's best, all I really understood was names and goals.

José M said...

Go la lepra!!! where are you from David?

I'm a leper since I was born, but my parents were not fans of the sport.I chose by myself when I was a kid and I thank myself for that.
Being Leproso is a way of life, I don't conceive another.

I'm from Rosario Living in California.
This is my myspace :

Jeremy said...

This game was the best they have played in a long time. Smart passing, strong defending and finishing chances. Of course, having Fabbiani totally disrupt Tigre's defense didn't hurt.

Jose, dude, please change the font color on your my space page. That red is so hard to read against the background it's killing me.