Monday, November 3, 2008

Further Notes From Clasico Rosarino 10/2/08

The above may not be the greatest quality, but it's the only vid I found that show's the penalty being called.

I've also learn that Fabbiani made another wonderful dribble into the penalty area in the second half, only to loft the ball over the top of the net. It's that type of thing that makes you wonder... I've seen one vid posted on Youtube that shows it, but it's so poor that it's hardly worth watching. Someone literally used a hand held camera (probably their cell phone) to capture it off their TV.

Meanwhile, not all the fans behaved, or was it the cops inciting? Problems outside the stadium had police firing rubber bullets into a group of supporters. I've seen nothing on whether they were Leproso, Canallas, or both. Supposedly there was footage that was aired on TV, so if anyone who reads this comes across such on the internet, or even has more information about it, please post a comment, and a link if you have one.


Jeremy said...

I'll try and remember where I saw the footage, but it was mainly a commentator talking. There were a couple of instances of violence. One cop had his arm broken by a brick and the other had minor wounds.

The largest disturbance was a group of Central fans who chose to leave the stadium by a route not designated by the police. They claim they were verbally abused by some NOB fans in a house, so they started breaking windows and such. The police showed up and the mini-'riot' happened.

Jeremy said...

Check my blog Friday night, if I am able to watch the game, I'll post the link with the best feed. You've got to be able to watch these games.

That run Fabbiani had was great. I still can't believe he missed the shot. He beat the keeper and a defender in the box and had the goal just about to himself. He tried to toe it in high (there was another defender on the line) and he could have passed to a NOB (I think Torres) on the opposite end of the goal from the defender. Oh well, they didn't need the goal and 1-0 is probably more bitter a pill to swallow for las canallas.