Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Tale Of Two Linesmen

It's been almost 24 hours sense Newell's fell to Lanus 2-1. Granted, it was an away game, but losing still hurts.

I missed most of the first half, as the game started as I was leaving work, and thus did not see the first two goals. Hernán Bernardello opened the scoring early, striking in the 3rd minute to give the lead to La Lepra. It didn't take Lanus long, however, to pull even, as Matías Fritzler scored off of a corner some 5 minutes later.

By the time I was able to start watching, there was perhaps 10 minutes left in the half, and during that time Lanus were called for offside at least a half dozen times. Other than that, it did appear a fairly even game.

As the second half started, the play continued to be competitive. Then came the 56th minute, when José Sand scored to give Lanus the win... or so it was judged. I saw the goal, I've watched it in the video below again, and again. It looks to me as if Sand was offside. Not long after that, the video portion of the feed I was watching simply froze. I searched for others in vain, just as I'm sure Newell's spent the remaining time searching for an equalizer.

In the end, I know it's not realistic to expect to go the entire Clausura with out a loss, but losing like this? All I can do is say that what goes around, comes around. During one of the games yet to be played, I'm sure that Newell's will benefit from a similar situation.

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