Monday, March 16, 2009

What A Lousy Weekend.

"Excuse me while I vent.

On Friday, my room mate tells me that he got in contact with our internet provider and increased our speed. Great, I'm thinking, this will help when I'm watching Newell's.

So I get to my computer to check it out, and the only game on is Arsenal vs Central. Well, I say to myself, I just want to check out how the increase in speed will effect watching a game... so I load it up, expecting/hoping Arsenal will be dancing rings around Sin Aliento.

Two goals later, and while the feed is great, I'm out of there, because it's Central in the lead with Arsenal looking like they have nothing in the tank.

Add to that, today, I go to watch the Newell's vs Hurucan game, and for the hour pregame show, which was mostly watching River warm up in the locker room, the feed is great. Then, just before kick off, my room mate decides to hit Hulu... At most I got to see about 2 minutes of the second half. (He only watched a half hour show, so I don't know why I was still having problems in the second half.)

Note to self... let Bob know when I'm planning on watching a game over the internet."

The above is in quotes, as I lifted it directly from a post I made in a forum. The Newell's game ended in another draw, this time 2-2, despite playing a good part of half an hour with a man advantage after Huracán's Carlos Arano was sent off in the 65th minute.

Armani was put back into the lineup, and Salcedo sat on the bench for most of the game. Vangioni scored both of Newell's goals, both bringing the score level, the first with his left foot, the second with his right. Both were brilliant, as can be seen below:

I've heard/read two viewpoints on the game, one from a friend on Facebook, another from the aforementioned forum. One states that it was a good game, and credited Huracán as having played a good game, even when down a man. The other says that Newell's did not play well.

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