Monday, July 19, 2010

Borghello Returns

With the new season fast approaching the transfers seem to all be settled, though all the dust has yet to clear. Here's what I'm seeing of Newell's transfers from various sources:


Luciano Vella, Gabriel Cichero, Leandro Velázquez, Luis Rodríguez, Sebastián Taborda, Iván Borghello.

Germán Caffa, Juan Insaurralde, Juan Quiroga, Nahuel Roselli, Cristian Sánchez Prette, Hugo Barrientos, Jorge Achucarro, Cristian Nuñez, Joaquín Boghossian.

Then there's Ole:

Luciano Vella (Independiente), Gabriel Cichero (Caracas), Leandro Velázquez (Vélez), Luis Rodríguez (Atl. Tucumán) y Sebastián Taborda (Sporting).

Juan Manuel Insaurralde (Boca), Jorge Achucarro, Joaquín Boghossian, Cristian Núñez (Quilmes), Diego Torres (Quilmes), Hugo Barrientos (All Boys), Sánchez Prette y Nahuel Roselli (Aldosivi), Juan Quiroga (Colón).

Iván Borghello (Deportivo Quito,) Gabriel Cichero (Caracas,) Luis Rodríguez (Atlético Tucumán,) Sebastián Taborda (Defensor,) Leandro Velázquez (Vélez Sarsfield,) Luciano Vella (Independiente)

Jorge Achucarro (Atlas,) Hugo Barrientos (All Boys,) Leandro Benítez (Chacarita Jrs,) Juan Insaurralde (Boca Juniors,) Cristian Núñez (Quilmes,) Juan Quiroga (Colón de Santa Fe,) Nahuel Roselli (Quilmes,) Cristian Sánchez Prette (Barcelona)

All right, now, let's analyze that a bit, shall we?

Agreed upon in bound players:

Luciano Vella (Independiente), Gabriel Cichero (Caracas), Leandro Velázquez (Vélez), Sebastián Taborda (Sporting), and Luis Rodríguez (Atl. Tucumán).

Missing from Ole is Iván Borghello (Deportivo Quito) - but that only happened today, their article is from the 1st of the month. Based on that, it looks like we can be fairly sure about are incoming players. Borgello should be remembered, as he has been with Newell's before. He's a forward who spent most of his time as a substitute, most notably during La Lepra's last championship (Apertura 2004.)

Still, over the next two weeks I'll try get around to posting a little something about each one of our new Old Boys, provided I can find enough to make it seem worthwhile.

Argeed upon out bound players:

Juan Manuel Insaurralde (Boca), Jorge Achucarro (Atlas), Cristian Núñez (Quilmes), Juan Quiroga (Colón), Nahuel Roselli (Aldosivi or Quillmes), Hugo Barrientos (All Boys), Cristian Sánchez Prette (Barcelona).

Leandro Benítez (Chacarita Jrs) is only listed on list, but he was never more than a reserve and might just be over looked by the other two sources. Both Ole and list Boghossian as leaving, and it's just waiting confirmation, really. The only way it's not going to happen is if Cerro (the Uruguayan team that loaned him to Newell's) can't find a bigger club with a better offer. is the only one that lists Caffa as going, and I'm not really sure what's happening there. Meanwhile Ole lists Torres going to Quilmes, which there was a rumor that he would have liked to go there, but beyond that I haven't seen anthing to confirm the move. At th same time I know that Torres isn't happy with Sensini, unless some thing has happened to change that situation...

Now here's where I cross my fingers, knock on wood, and a few other silly superstitious things. As of today, it looks like Mauro "El Gato" Fórmica is staying. I feel the same way about Leonil Vangioni (who has a training injury that will likely keep him out of the first few weeks of the Apertura - still, glad that he'll be staying on,) and Mauricio Sperdutti. These three men, in my view, are the heart and soul of this current Newell's team.

Some day I'll know they may leave. Most likely they will leave. Until that day I will enjoy watching them play for the team that we all love.

Dale Newell's!

Dale La Lepra!

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