Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder Why I Bother

First off, I'll need to explain. Every Sunday night, with few exceptions, I have a get together with some friends of mine and we sit around a table and play games. Tonight was no exception, and so, while Newell's Old Boys were hosting Racing Club I was enjoying the company of these friends, and put the Apertura match out of my mind. When things rapped up a bit early, I rushed home in a attempt to see the last few moments, all the way wishing for a 2-0 victory... which is when Racing scored the only goals of the game.

Yes, that's right, I said goals. First up, they scored one that got called back for offsides. But then Gabriel Hauche put in an easy header in the 89th minute when Agustín Alayes failed to clear a cross his an attempt at a header of his own. That would have been bad enough, but then Pablo Lugüercio scored a second for Racing to give my hoped for 2-0 victory to the wrong side...

Adding to my fury was referee Federico Beligoy. I've had issues with this man before, as has the AFA, and while I can only make a judgment on the few moments I saw, all the yellow cards that were given out (five for Newell's and four Racing,) and the red card given to Newell's back up goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán seemed to come completely out of the blue.

Interestingly enough, the last time I had something to say about the way Beligoy handled a Newell's match was earlier this year, Febuary 28th to be exact, in a 5-2 victory over Banfield.

If anyone can fill me in on what happened during the rest of the game, please do.

Up next Newell's hit the road to face the team that sent Bentral down to the B. All Boys are having a decent enough Apertura, especially for a team that just made it back up to the Primera A after thirty years in the lower division.


Anonymous said...

Hi David! Nice to "listen" about you!!! I laughed reading "Bentral" in your post 'cause... I don't know, you're so far... I loose my voice shouting against the incompetent of Beligoy, and for our beloved Newell´s.
Pls, sorry, my english is basic, but I want you to know that here A leprosa support you!!! NEWELLS CARAJO!!!

David Phillips said...

No problema. Mi castellano no es muy buen... but it is enough, with the help of websites that do translation, to read articles about Newell's.

I may be far away, but when I became a Lepra, many years ago, I was living in Rosario. Now I see people here wearing the colors of Central and I have to bite my tongue because they just do not know.