Friday, May 4, 2012

Proof Positive I'm Living In The Wrong Country...

Some days I hate Facebook... like when I see someone post a video footage of eras where I had to settle for listening to radio broadcasts while others watched on TV or in the stands.

(Please note that, while I do celebrate Newell's Old Boys winning the Apertura back in 2004, I do NOT miss Eduardo Lopez as team president.)


juan said...


LuigiB said...

Have happenstantially come across your blog, hincha Leproso since my youth, 1st live game I ever, Newell's-Argentions Jr. with some wet-behind-the-balls mocosito Diego Armando Maradona..

Well, what a great season for La Lepra, a miracle really, given how poorly the played last year and a half.

This team - if the tournaments were full season like in La B - would have gone down in '11, and now, witohut very many reinforcements, have bought the line, the passion of Tata, and are truely a team the rest of Argentina not affiliated with boca or Central, will pull for and wish the best for in this clausura.

Bernardi for la Selecion!!

Chau Flaco, Dale Nuels!!

Vicino said...

estoy convencido que este año vamos a ser campeones, y lo digo objetivamente... con el nivel de mediocridad que hay actualmente en el futbol argentino, sumado a que Newell's solo se tiene que enfocar en el campeonato (otros que están peleando no), me hacen pensar que con 40 puntos llegamos; mas el plus que el Tata le puede dar al equipo.
Un abrazo rojinegro